The Sense of Touch

“Touch is a critical factor influencing the development of the LHPA pathway, which, if it is dysfunctional, can influence behaviour, including antisocial behaviour, in later life.”



Players of all ages say:

"I love that game because its fun and cool"- Jamie, age 7

"I like it because its challenging" - Mary, age 78

"I like to play this game because i get to learn." - Davey, Age 8

"I love this game because you learn texture and because you use your mind." Ralph, age 74























The Story of The Texture Game™...

The idea for “The Texture Game™” was planted many years ago while I was pursuing my PASSION for the ARTS during my college days.

As years passed and I found my way into Elementary Arts Education the idea that was planted many years ago started to take seed.

The seed began to take root as a means to introduce the Element of Design, Texture, to my art students in a fun way.

So this seedling began to grow and when it was time for the Unit on Texture out came “The Texture Game™”.  With the students’ responses, instinctively, I knew it was something special and “one day, some how, some way,” it would bloom and blossom.

What form it would take was still a mystery until May of 2007, when it came to me in a deep sleep that it needed to be taken to the next level. Although the form it would take was still a mystery I knew the more children that would have an opportunity to play “The Texture Game™” the better they would be for it.  

I began to create more games each unique in fabric and textures and was able to offer it in our school store as a Fundraiser.  I found myself making a Game a night so as not to disappoint the children.  They were simply mesmerized by the possibility of creating texture matches by exercising their focus, concentration and perseverance. All my classes continually asked to play the game.  Even my most challenging classes would sit absolutely quiet while watching one student at a time play the game.  They were all authentically and emotionally involved.  

“The Texture Game™” all started as a tool to demonstrate the Element of Design, Texture, and has blossomed into a fun unique educational game enjoyed by young and old alike.  It not only exercises focus, concentration and perseverance it allows each player to learn to “listen” deeply with their hands and body.  It reaches and stimulates the cerebral cortex in a way a visual game does not, which is especially appealing in the current electronic age.

To date, “The Texture Game™” is available at education oriented retailers throughout the U.S. and through this website.

Now available: Free Form Version

How to Play the Game

The object of the game is to match all pillow sets (2 pillows per set).  One or more can play.  When playing with more than 1 person one holds the game while the other places hands inside to feel for a match.  Place hands inside the game (like a muff) and gently feel for the matching textured pillows (1 in each hand, if more than 1 pillow is pulled out in each hand player is disqualified).  Gently pull out to see if it’s a matched set.  If you have a match you go again leaving the matched set out, if not place the unmatched set back in the game and the next person takes a turn.  Play until you have all 6 matches.


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